perjantai 28. tammikuuta 2011

A banjist has been born!!!

After following a five days of rest in mother earth's nest, I finally had the chance to play and record some takes, which will hopefully stay on the record. Some acoustic guitars and some banjo were recorded and they all sounded great (even the banjo!).
I witnessed a devastating moment in my life when I was playing the banjo, when I thought that "now my playing just doesn't cut it". The producer said to my earphones:
"look at the window of the control room during the next take." When I did that I saw 7-8 of my friends standing butt-naked in front of me, cheering me up to play the best banjo I can. I realised that I'm not alone in this world. I have a like-minded group of people that share almost the same view of the the world as I do. I hope most of you feel the same way and you appreciate it...

"Mr. Fantastic" Andy J. Bonfire


torstai 27. tammikuuta 2011



Today was the time to record some percussions here in Petrax studios. So what did I play? Hmm...Djembe, bongos, various shakers, cowbell, tri-tone cowbell, tambourine, claves, drums of the pirates, churchbell, block, tri-tone-pump-horn, agogo and rattle slap. I think we did some "great" soundwork today. Let´s see if something sticks on the final track that you can also hear them..? I hope. Well the result of this day was that I have made my best for this record and my job here is done. Today it is official. We have made a record deal with Spinefarm records and we are very excited about that. I hope everybody will hear this record because THIS IS THE ONE!


keskiviikko 26. tammikuuta 2011



What a magical day to record drums in this majestic place. Today was a cold cold day here in Hollola. You see we have this pair of microphones in the hall next to the drumspace. The hall is as cold as the weather outside. We can record the huge ambience sound if the door is open to the drumspace. If you can imagine this you know that I must be playing all the time so I can keep myself warm. It was cold so I played a lot! I played them ALL! What more can I say? I think I nailed this one. IT FEELS GREAT! Tomorrow we shall add some percussions...It is going to be fun.


tiistai 25. tammikuuta 2011



The second day of drums...Ou boys! It was a BLAST! We started with a tricky song called "Bad". After all I nailed it like I was supposed to. Second was my personal favourite "Whiplash". You can imagine where the name comes...It´s the hardest PO -song if you ask me. It´s a FAAKING KILLER! Last song I played today was a huge masterpiece..."DOOM!" The sound in this song will be something you have never heard. I can´t wait to hear it when it´s compeleted! Looks goood...


maanantai 24. tammikuuta 2011

1 day: DRUMS!

So today we started to record our 3rd full lenght album in Petrax Studios. It was a hell of a day. The drums sounds AWESOME! I must say I am very excited to do this record. I´m sure you LOVE IT!

Result of the first day:
- 6 pairs of broken drum sticks
- 1 pair of broken socks
- 1 spot of broken skin
- 1 broken portrait of Ville Tuomi
- 4 smash hits of PROFANE OMEN´s NEW SHIIIT!!!


sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2011

Studio diarrhea is launched!

You can read here all about what goes on in the studio... STUDIO WORK STARTS TODAY! FINALLY!
~ Jules