sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Vocals done...


That was a job I'm not too keen on doing all over in a while!

The vocal sessions have been the best one so far but also the most exhausting one as well. Aksu's recording booth is not too oxygen friendly so there were times I'm not sure if I was breathing my own air or was I just surfing on the clouds wondering all the colours! To lose consciousness while screaming is pretty wicked experience but it sounded badass! Same thing with vomiting while you're screaming! HUUTOYRJÖÖ! Well, what wouldn't you do for your own art, right!? Right. The amount of sweat given to this album can be measured in gallons and I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like that!

What else to blabber about recording the vox... Hmm, oh! We used the same mic for clean and the scream vocals and I've always been very comfortable with Shure's SM7B because it feels firm in my hand. Also the sound is very good! Yes, probably now all the hifi studio geeks lifted their eyebrows about having the mic in the hand while recording. But for me it's all about being comfortable in the studio and this way I sound better and I get more feeling into the whole performance.

Talk about the relief after being done with all the vocals! I of course shaved my pathetic studio hair off from my face to seal the session. I do have one thing to whine about the whole studio beard/mustache thingy. The rest of the guys started to grow their beavers at the same time as me. Well, they all shaved their ones off right after their parts which I think, is a pussy ass thing to do! Now I feel I took one for the team. I had to go on with my günthers more than a month compared to the other guys and that's why I'm raising a question about the future sessions. The hair stays on until everyone is done, then it's fair and sucks for everyone the same amount of time! Dammit! These are serious things!

We also had our restaurant tour going on with Aksu everyday we recorded so I can now reveal the best food places of Lahti(in our opinion and that's the law). Our scoring system contained categories such as Service(10p), Price(10p), Atmosphere(10p) and of course the Food(10p) itself. The winner got maximum score! Here is the top 5:

LOKKI - 37p
SANTA FE - 35p
TOROS - 29p

Go eat!

I want to say a huge thank you here to the vocal producer/engineer Aksu Hanttu who whipped my ass constantly and persistent to get the best possible sound off my pipes. Eventhough I wouldn't do it all over just tomorrow but I'd definitely do it again. Rispektii dyyd!

Now we wait for the mixes. I'm confident after being so deep inside these songs that we are on the right track. We can't wait to play this shit live!


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