perjantai 4. maaliskuuta 2011

Skän skän skän...


Finally! I've been waiting to hit the studio for ages already! Practicing by yourself for 1,5 months can be boring as watching a baseball game!

This is Jules reporting from the Wave Sound Studios, Zigäägöy, Finland, where we've been working long hours with Aksu Hanttu, who is engineering/producing the vocals on this album. It's been very clear to us since the day no. 1 that this album will be the best we've ever done so far and now that we've started with the vocals, this first impression is only getting stronger.

The recording booth is built inside a closet so it means that I'm coming out from the closet and going in for several times a day. My identity is shaking pretty badly, so if these reports are signed by my transgender name Julia, I won't take any responsibility on that matter!

Well, anyway, we already got shitloads of singing/screaming/growling done and I have to say that never during my days of singing have I been stretched so far to my limits and beyond. Aksu is working hard trying to get the best out of me, and it is working. I'm very happy to be working with him again on the vocal tracks. He knows how to dig the diamonds out from the crap so I'm very confident with him being on board with us. I'm also known to be a whining bitch sometimes in the studio but for now no bitchin' has come out yet!

We've been here now for five days and the work continues next week after I get some rest for my voice. Believe me when I say that it's a rest well needed. We started out in the beginning of the week with the clean parts and the plan was to make them first under way before we can start with the screams. After three days of singing I already wanted to make some screaming because it is fun as hell! It's refreshing to change the working habits sometimes.

I'm not sure about what to blabber here in the blog because the big picture is still kinda scattered around but it is slowly coming together. What I can tell you is that I'll post here after the sessions are done, the TOP-5 food restaurants in Lahti! We decided with Aksu to eat everyday in a different food joint (everyday a different diarrhea!). This basically means that we'll go through 10 restaurants in Lahti(yes, they have at least 10, we checked!), all different from each others. Right now in the leading spot is Mamma Maria. If you don't believe me, check their Pasta Mamma Maria and you'll know what I'm talking about! Not for vegetarians ;)...

to be continued...

Juli...errr... JULES!

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  1. It's quite cute to be able to read how you guys are kicking yourselves to do the best record until now. And finally something new =)
    The few lyrics readable on the pic are 100% Profane Omen style, and honestly, I can't wait to hear some new stuff from you.
    And by the way, hope you will be okay after the little restaurant-experiment xD
    Keep up the good work!