torstai 17. helmikuuta 2011

The fish can fly in their world...


Now it's my turn to say something about these sessions. At first: this was the best studio experience of my life. Playing on tape was just a natural part of spending my days. We had no rush at any point and we could do things on our own pace and if we felt like going for a swim, we did it. When someone gets a stupid idea like that you got to see it through. I'm glad that I did it but man, it was so cold that I have never felt so cold in my life!! I couldn't breathe in the water and I was shaking like crazy when I got out of there. It was horrible, but so horrible that I have to do it again sometime!

When someone says to a guitar player "play the best solos of your life" and leaves him alone in a basement to do it, the result may cause some sort of insanity. I recorded myself when I did my solos and it was crazy because I started to get really fixated on every little detail that only I could hear. I kept thinking that this is not the rock n' roll- way to do things. Things were different in Elvis's times.. But it ended with great results also. I had also left a lot of room for improvisation and when you start composing during recording, things might get a little out of hand. When the screen says "Take 47" I'm starting to think "what the hell am I doing! Am I really this bad as a guitar player..I suck." But that's what I asked for, I was on a quest for the perfect guitar solo!! And I must say that at least in one solo I accomplished that. I get chills in my spine when I hear it and just start laughing!! Great.. Hurray for me...

Here is clip of the memo I made for myself after that day:
Bad Dreams:
- "A Solo" ( this being the name of the track recorded ) The first half is better on this one
- "A SoloKaveri" Really freaky sound after the middle part. Definitely stays on the record. Got to ask Mikko for help.

- What the hell am I thinking!!??! weird...

- Is there one wrong note somewhere? Huh!?

- "A SoloLead" Slash came to visit on this one. Fuckin' great!!
- "A SoloGibson" Slash didn't come again...

- "A SoloLead" This is good enough, can't play anymore..fucking tired!!
- The last few riffs were played like shit. Played them again on the solo tracks. Ask Mikko for help.

The next day we listened to the solos with Viljami and he gave me the thumbs up. Everything's great.

It's a strange feeling when everything is recorded. You try to think of something to play just for the sake of playing, because you don't want this to be over. But when it's over, it's over. I have also felt a little bit empty for a few days now but that's good because I know I've given everything I can to the record. Can't wait for Jules to start work on the vocals. Can't wait to play these songs live!!!

- Andy J. Bonfire -

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