sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

The bass by Antti "A.Newkid" Seroff...

G'day, all!

My name is Antti Seroff and I have been finally given a chance to show my true skin by playing the basses on the next Profane Omen -giant.

Williami asked me to write something to the studio blog like the other guys have, so here we go:
Almost six months ago I was at the local store to buy myself a coffee maker, when I got a phone call from an odd number. I couldn't make out anything of the call because the line was bad, so I hung up. After a while the phone rang again, and I answered it with an attitude like "who the fuck is this?"
The caller was Williami and he asked me to come to an audition the next weekend. From that moment on I have lived the happiest days of my life so far.
My mood has been AWESOME ever since. Even practicing with Profane Omen would have been enough, so you can imagine that when the guys asked me to play the basses on the next album I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Think about it: me, a 20 year-old fella' in a situation where such an opportunity hits him straight in the face screaming "This is what you have been fucking waiting for, and now it's happening."

So, the short history aside, the basses have now been played and I can honestly say that I did the best I could to make the album solid iron. Like Antti and Williami, I played my parts at the training place, in peace and at my own pace. It felt like the best choice since my experiences from studio work are very limited.

I want to name three things that made the last couple of weeks awesome: The food that Mira made us kept my mind all pumped up all the way to the wee hours, the friendliness of Mikko Herranen and the positive energy literally shining of him and the cheering presence of Ville Sorvali that made my inspiration to rise in some new heights. The support of this whole group of freaks and weirdos has been a great help during doing the most important thing in my life so far.
So I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This shit will blow your pants off!

Sincerely yours:

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