sunnuntai 6. helmikuuta 2011

On with the guitars...

Ok folks, here's the deal:

We've been playing some rhythm guitars with Antti at PO headquarters since last wednesday and there's no internet available there, so that's why we have been quite quiet with this blog thingie.

Everything has been peachy and we are still way ahead of the schedule. At the moment we have recorded the rhythm parts to 7 songs and we will continue again tomorrow, when Mikko and Ville come along to check our recordings so far.

The training place - at least to me - seems to be the place to play. I have been much more relaxed than ever before recording. I like the fact that the place is familiar to me and the "redlightophobia" is not as present as it has been playing anywhere else.
It's like I'm recording guitars on my home couch. Without the cats and the tv, though.

This time I'm using two amplifiers and two guitars:

-Metaltronix M-1000
-The Ugly Fuck (The legendary transistor amplifier that I put together with some duct tape and stickers)

-Tokai, my one and only.
-Gibson LP Studio (Thanks a bunch to Marko for lending it to me)

+MXR Wylde Overdrive pedal.

The sound is richer than ever before, and we seemed to agree on it with Mikko almost in an instant.

All in all, it has been too easy so far. Already awaiting for tomorrow. Want to play the rest of these rhythm guitars in so that I can put my focus in the solos.
It's going to be a killer album, I tell ya.


Dr. Bonfire reporting also:

Everything has been really cool and recordings are going along smoothly. I completely agree with everything Williami said, this is the best way to record guitars. Very relaxed atmosphere and no rush at all.

My equipment list is kind of short: Ever since I got to plug in a Marshall JCM Jubilee Edition 100W amplifier, I have found my guitar sound and it instantly felt like my own. And with my Tokai guitar I'm all set out to rock!!

Not much else report right now... But also a huge thanks to Mira Kurki for feeding us basement-rats with nourishing tastes straight out of heaven!!

-Andy J.-

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